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Whole Business Approach™

Strasmark helps you increase your sales in existing and new channels, markets, and geographies with our Whole Business Approach™ consulting. We are a diverse team of sales & marketing experts, creative thinkers & designers, and Amazon & analytics specialists, who are passionate about growing your business and helping you achieve your goals.

  • We work with you to develop a winning strategy in line with your business goals
  • We help you adapt for today’s virtual selling environment and connect you with the right opportunities to meet your goals
  • We track your data using custom tools and analytics to position you for success
  • We help you grow, develop and gain skills so you can avoid costly mistakes
  • We become a trusted extension of your team

Client Story

We introduced a new international product line into the US market.  We conducted focus groups with top retailers and developed a strong brand message. We created a phased plan for market entry in the right channels, with the right sales team. Using our industry connections, we fast tracked placement with key retailers across the US.


We work with you to develop a winning strategy in line with your business goals. We perform a full analysis of your business and deliver a phased approach solution.


We help you adapt for today’s virtual selling environment. We provide tools to gain maximum sales reach with sales reps, distributors, retailers and consumers.

Client Story

We helped one of our clients change their sales strategy to a direct to consumer approach. We created robust digital content for online selling and social media marketing. This resulted in an expansion to bricks and mortar retail and international distribution.

Client Story

Our technical team analyzed data from a US client with sluggish sales. By focusing on analytics from google, social media and Amazon as well as URL tracking, and A/B testing we recommended an entirely new approach. We rewrote copy, reshot photography, redesigned Amazon listings and produced videos to bring the line to life. We implemented digital content for social media, email, google and amazon campaigns.


We delve deep into your brand’s personality and develop powerful brand messaging. Then we create and implement engaging digital content for social media, email marketing and advertising campaigns.

Advising & Coaching

We help you grow, develop and gain skills so you can avoid costly mistakes. We offer 30+ years in retail, manufacturing, software and design.

Client Story

One of our clients was seeking coaching services to help him better understand the toy industry, both from a retail and manufacturing perspective. As a solopreneur, he wanted to work collaboratively with someone to vet ideas and to help him maintain and implement his task list. We held weekly meetings with him providing support, organization, and advice that allowed him to better focus on his goal.


What our clients have to say about our Whole Business Approach™ Consulting.
Strasmark has become a valuable member of our team. We wanted to increase our sales but weren’t quite sure how to start. Our website was outdated, so Strasmark helped us implement a new Shopify ecommerce site. They performed a detailed cost and margin analysis, helped us renegotiate our factory pricing, and also to find new suppliers. They introduced us to new retailers and encouraged us to sell directly to consumers.

As a result of Strasmark taking over our social media, our engagement and sales increased. Their photography, videos and content are outstanding. So much so, we were noticed by international distributors and are now expanding globally.

Celestial Buddies

As a new Canadian company, we wanted help entering the US market.  Strasmark walked us through, step by step all the things we needed to do.  They recommended using sales reps to reach the Specialty Market.  Because of their strong relationships, they were able to secure sales coverage for the entire US in under a week.  Their sales management has delivered 6 figure sales results in a matter of months.  Along the way, they also helped us with product testing, sales materials, and factory sourcing - helping us find new potential suppliers.

Because of their dedication and hard work, we expanded their role to include the management of our social media and online advertising.  They delved deep into our brand story and captured the essence of what we are trying to do here at Studiostone.  The photography and copy they provide is creative and powerfully on brand.   They’ve been invaluable technical resources helping us solve Shopify, WooCommerce, Facebook and Instagram stumbling blocks.  We highly recommend the Strasmark team.

Studiostone Creative

I contacted Strasmark for coaching and advice on how to navigate the toy industry.

Strasmark helped me with decisions about packaging, marketing and how best to sell my products. It was great to have a team to work with collaboratively – to bounce ideas and help me stay on track. They showed me the ropes on how to work with International Distributors. They built key tools to help me manage my business including a container planner, pricing, and margin analysis. I had them attend key meetings with me and their guidance was invaluable.

I learned a lot about the industry and my business!


As an independent toy store owner, I wear every hat and I can’t always get everything done. I hired Anita to help with my store expansion project. Anita embodies the "owner perspective" -- she is respectful of my business, wins over my employees so they like and want to work with her, and is a trusted resource with whom I can brainstorm, problem-solve and learn.  It is easy for a consultant to come in and say, "everything is wrong here."  Anita identifies and leverages my business's strengths while helping me make sweeping operational changes that improve my bottom line.  She knows cash flow & inventory management!

Flexibility & Pricing:  Anita's flexibility allows us to work together remotely, which keeps costs lower.  Her "owner mindset" is evident in her speed and efficiency.  She is always conscious of the project's ROI, and is the first to raise her hand if she doesn't feel the project will be worth the cost. I can't recommend her highly enough!


Meet Our Team

We value teamwork, growth, transparency, and hard work.

Diane “Dee” Farrell

Strasmark Founder & Principal

Anita Demetropoulos

Strasmark Principal

Kat Moraros

Director of Design & Social Media

Sami Centenaro

Digital Designer


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